26 Feb 2012

Heckkraft Custom

Visited my friends Olly + Anna of Heckkraft Custom today! They are currently rebuilding a '63 type 2 split panel and also have a '50 type 1 split bug in the werks, not to forget some other bugs and busses! Olly is mainly famous for his cool `64 notchback. Check their site, always worth a visit!


Herbies World Tour said...

Hey there,

We're following your blog via our clubsite of DLV!

Air-cooled regards,

Domi on
Herbie's World Tour

slammed.shady said...

Hey Domi!

Great story! I love your story, envy envy! Thanks for letting us know!

Had to use the pic of Zainab, she is way prettier than you...:)

Enjoy your trip!!