28 Jul 2012

Krautsand / Küstendrive 2012

Back from Krautsand/Küstendrive 2012 with old and new friends. Had a great Friday and a very wet Saturday. Had to leave on Saturday anyway, decided to leave early due to the rain and floated home...Cheers Küstendriver for the great organisation! I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

Hi buddy, great rack!

I emailed you regarding spraying your rack before.
I'm just about to do mine as I bought a broken one and was fixing it.

1. Did you take off all the black rubber grommets where the straps go round the wheels?
2. Did you remove the black plastic caps at either side of the wheel gutters?
3. Did you mask or spray the feet near the indicators or the hooks at the top of the tailgate or leave them?
4. Does it scratch easily with bike knocking paint off or rotating the support arms take paint off the top bar over time?

Sorry for all the questions.


Anonymous said...

My email is elliotveale@icloud.com