26 Feb 2015

Virtual Update

Added the HWE to my sketchup modell as well.

Pool Table

How cool is this? Dub-box USA are introducing their new dub dekor line including this awesome pool table. Estimated price is $5.500...

8 Feb 2015

6 Feb 2015

What the F#$&?

Fast abortion from Brazil! Seen on Leandro Messias Rodrigues Facebook page. Check his profile for an engine test clip...

31 Jan 2015

Silver Rest

Build pics of this super slammed baywindow from Japan have been spread over the net for years. Slamdmag have just issued a set of proper pics.

9 Nov 2014


Testfitted my Westi-ladder on the HWE rack today. It's a bit too short.

31 Oct 2014

24 Oct 2014

HWE Testfit

Testfitted my 2/3 HWE-style rack today, just a few minor tweaks and it can go off to the powder coater!

19 Oct 2014


Took my bug to the monthly "Haubentauchen" (decklid-diving) in Gifhorn with family and friends. Due to the awesome weather there were quite a few cool cars around!