29 Sep 2018

Corruptt Mustang

Longtime followers might remember, that I used to mention special custom projects on this blog whenever I noticed them somewhere in the web, before Facebook and Instagram killed the blogging stars...This project is one of those cars that blew my mind the second I saw it for the first time. A roof chopped Mustang with a Ferrari Power. These pics are stolen from the Corruptt Facebook page. The finished car will debut at SEMA in a few weeks!

6 Sep 2018


I never had enough space to park bus and bug in the same garage, those days are over since my new one is finished!

24 Aug 2018


My new workshop is getting there! Started decorating already...

6 Aug 2018

Bulli Summer Festival

Joined the Summer Festival in Wolfsburg last weekend. We had just perfect weather conditions for camping close to a lake with good friends and family.We had a blast!

1 Aug 2018


Have been on the Island of Sylt last week and spotted this swiss ambulance! Quite a long journey in a split bus!

22 May 2018

Deep Woods

While nearly everybody else went to Amersfoort for the Barndoor gathering I spent the bank holiday "Pfingst"-weekend in the middle of nowhere with some very good friends and a lot of beer and bbq. No chance to get there with a low car, so I took the T5.

16 May 2018

Ben Pon 2014

I wish I could join this years Ben Pon Show in Amersfoort again. The last one was just fantastic! More pics. And more pics. Hope everybody gets there well!

7 May 2018

Pre A Gathering

I wish I could have joined the 43rd International Porsche 356 Meeting in the British Countryside. You don't see 3 Gmünds in row everyday! Photocredits belonging to some members of the Pre A Facebook group.

3 May 2018

Samba 1951

I think you all heard of the oldest known Samba found in Germany last year. In case you didn't know: there is a website where you can follow the resurrection of it. One project to follow for sure!
Check blog.entfallteiledienst.de for more. It's in English!

1 May 2018

Maikäfertreffen 2018

Maikäfertreffen was very stormy and cold, which is a shame as summer was already here just a few days ago. As usual people didn't mind and thousands of aircooled cars showed up again.
 Cyril, is this you? Hunting for feature cars? ;)