6 Aug 2017

Bulli Summer Festival

I am back home from the "Bulli Summer Festival" in Wolfsburg. Had a fantastic time with old and new friends. I really enjoyed the meeting, had an excellent parking place close to the main area and stage. Others weren't so lucky and had to camp on a gravelled and dusty parking place offside and had to pay the same price...rumours say not all of them enjoyed it as much as I did, especially during and after a couple of rain showers. I won the trophy for the "best split bus" and was very honoured. I also got interviewed by several TV stations and the bus even got a shooting for the French SuperVW magazine. As you can imagine, I had a blast! Unfortunately I missed to register for the convoy to Hanover, so I decided not to go to the showdown in Hanover at all and enjoy the rest of Sunday with my kids instead...

25 Jun 2017


Just back from Hessisch Oldendorf! Fantastic show! Also had a look at the Grundmann collection and was completely stunned!