1 Nov 2018

Brezel is back

My Brezel project moved into my workshop today! Thanks Sven for the help an Ette for storing it!

21 Oct 2018

Cooler Collection

I just finished a new shelf in my workshop, used as display for my vintage cooler collection!

19 Oct 2018

Porsche Museum

I had to do business at Porsche Headquarters in Stuttgart this week. Used the opportunity to check the Porsche Museum! I wish I've had more time!

29 Sep 2018

Corruptt Mustang

Longtime followers might remember, that I used to mention special custom projects on this blog whenever I noticed them somewhere in the web, before Facebook and Instagram killed the blogging stars...This project is one of those cars that blew my mind the second I saw it for the first time. A roof chopped Mustang with a Ferrari Power. These pics are stolen from the Corruptt Facebook page. The finished car will debut at SEMA in a few weeks!