20 Sep 2020


There is no official Haubentauchen due to Covid at the moment, but people start parking beside each other on some sundays in Gifhorn again...

13 Sep 2020

Brezel Mafia

Had a very nice visitor today. My buddy "Heckkraft Custom" Olly showed up to show me "our" split bug, I re-sold to him a while ago. Nice one, Olly!

15 Aug 2020

Wedding + 60th Birthday

Took a colleague to the chapel today! Apart from this there was another reason for a party: the bus has its 60th birthday today! Had a good day, unfortunately got a little wet on my way home.

Family Fun

 Rediscovered my fisheye lense and took a family portrait with my daughters!

22 Jun 2020

Midsummer Bulli Festival

This years Midsummer Festival had to be cancelt due to Corona. They created a virtual edition instead, I had the honour to win best T1 bus! Receiving a meeting trophy in your own garage is not really the same, but still happy I won this!

31 May 2020


Nothing beats an afternoon cruise with open Safaris!

10 May 2020

Log burner

I built a couch out of some old palettes and put in front of my garage. Pretty good place for using the log burner and listening to some tunes. "Social disdancing" at its best!

12 Feb 2020

'57 PGSG Split Bus

I recently discovered Eric Arnold Photography on Facebook an really like his shots! These Palm Green Sand Green split bus was issued in the latest Hayburner magazine, one of the best colour combos ever in my eyes! All shots by Eric Arnold!

2 Feb 2020

Italian panel

I saw this radical project on Facebook recently! I do like this Italian Job by Albesianomotorsport!