6 Aug 2018

Bulli Summer Festival

Joined the Summer Festival in Wolfsburg last weekend. We had just perfect weather conditions for camping close to a lake with good friends and family.We had a blast!

1 Aug 2018


Have been on the Island of Sylt last week and spotted this swiss ambulance! Quite a long journey in a split bus!

22 May 2018

Deep Woods

While nearly everybody else went to Amersfoort for the Barndoor gathering I spent the bank holiday "Pfingst"-weekend in the middle of nowhere with some very good friends and a lot of beer and bbq. No chance to get there with a low car, so I took the T5.

16 May 2018

Ben Pon 2014

I wish I could join this years Ben Pon Show in Amersfoort again. The last one was just fantastic! More pics. And more pics. Hope everybody gets there well!

7 May 2018

Pre A Gathering

I wish I could have joined the 43rd International Porsche 356 Meeting in the British Countryside. You don't see 3 Gmünds in row everyday! Photocredits belonging to some members of the Pre A Facebook group.

3 May 2018

Samba 1951

I think you all heard of the oldest known Samba found in Germany last year. In case you didn't know: there is a website where you can follow the resurrection of it. One project to follow for sure!
Check blog.entfallteiledienst.de for more. It's in English!

1 May 2018

Maikäfertreffen 2018

Maikäfertreffen was very stormy and cold, which is a shame as summer was already here just a few days ago. As usual people didn't mind and thousands of aircooled cars showed up again.
 Cyril, is this you? Hunting for feature cars? ;)