26 Jul 2014

Braunschweig Lions

On our way back we stopped at the "Eintracht Stadion" to join the Lions Pre-Party again. Good times!

Street Mag Show

Went to Hanover today with some friends, we joined the Street Mag Show. Never went there before and really enjoyed it. Crazy cars all around, could have taken hundreds of pics, but had to carry my daughter most of the day...! We had a good time and will be back!

12 Jul 2014

Braunschweig Lions

A friend of mine is organising the pre-parties before the games of the BS Lions. This time it had a beach theme, so my buddy Sven and myself supported him by parking our splits in front of the stadium.

6 Jul 2014

New jack in town

Just bought a new jack and already love it!

Another wet wedding

Picked up a friends sis at the chapel this Saturday, and got wet - again!

30 Jun 2014

"This combi is not scrap"

This BD has to be one of the straightest ones I ever saw in person. Built at Jason Stratton's shop in Florida for Gerson himself. Took these pics in Amersfoort at the BD gathering in April. Mr "Funky Green" brought it from the US to the Netherlands, and took it back to the ClassicS later on! Read all about it here. Hats off for this stunning bus and all involved! Just read at KCW that the Ex-Suicide-Door BD23 also made it into Jason's shop, I hope he'll start a Samba thread soon...!