9 Nov 2014


Testfitted my Westi-ladder on the HWE rack today. It's a bit too short.

24 Oct 2014

HWE Testfit

Testfitted my 2/3 HWE-style rack today, just a few minor tweaks and it can go off to the powder coater!

19 Oct 2014


Took my bug to the monthly "Haubentauchen" (decklid-diving) in Gifhorn with family and friends. Due to the awesome weather there were quite a few cool cars around!

14 Oct 2014

2 Oct 2014


Mrs. Shady said yes! We went to the chapel with my bug and bus, as I couldn`t decide...:)

True Custom

Never seen something like this before! Not sure if it realy drives, but after all the work involved i`m sure it does! Seen o Facebook.

Edit: here is a youtube clip!

28 Sep 2014


Had to entertain my daughter this weekend. I'm going to get married in a few days, my girlfriend had her hen day/night on Saturday and needed some daytime sleep on Sunday. We joined my buddy Sven and his family and went to Winsen on the Sunday, just close enough for cruising with my 2-year old. Unfortunately I had to miss the GAC season end party weekend....again...