31 Dec 2012

California Black Plates

The return of an icon! Following an article of L.A.Now black plates might be available for classic cali cars again from 2015 onwards. I guess it won't be a problem to find enough enthusiasts to pre-order! Go Cali-folks go! Pic nicked from mooneyes usa

Custom Bay

I mentioned this custom bay before. Just discovered this rear shot somewhere in the web and had to share it. Custom's not dead!

Passport Cover

Received a very nice email from Regina from Salzburg today, recommending these passport covers van-style! Check miaderoca.com if you want one!

24 Dec 2012

Santa Xing

You wouldn't believe what I just saw....:)!

Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a few nice and chillaxed days with your families!

18 Dec 2012

Split Tent - Kids version

I think we ALL know that split tent that is around for a few years now. Not sure about you, but I still get the link from time to time from friends (who aren't into dubs) who think they can point out something new to me...But what about this small version? Great Christmas present for the kids in my eyes!

12 Dec 2012

VW Speed Star 2013

In my eyes my mate Olly's Panel would be a great star 2013! If you agree go to facebook an press "like" in VW Speed's album! Cheers!

11 Dec 2012

V10 Ghia

Alive an kickin'!! I thought this project died somewhere on the way to becoming a legend! But it's not! I followed it for years and was always looking forward to seeing it finished. It's a brutal custom project with a new 2006 Viper V10...legend! Follow the build thread on TheSamba.

10 Dec 2012

Sunroof split bug

One car I am still dreaming of is a crotch cooler split bug with original sunroof! It had to look like this Japanese example...Seen at the West Coast Ridaz and CSP.

5 Dec 2012

All time favourite BD

My personal favourite BD of all times is this Palmgreen Sandgreen beauty! Perfect stance, colour, rims and rack! This car is also the reason why I'm in love with 2/3 HWE racks!

Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom Show 2012

One day I really want to go to this show! Really like the style and cars of the Japanese scene!
M53 (tailgate with window) Barndoor is überrare and übercool! More pics at the Westcoastridaz and CSP.