30 Jan 2014

2/3 HWE rack

Some long time followers might know that I'm searching for a 2/3 HWE or BeKöWa rack for a couple of years already. During the Christmas break I was suddenly sick of searching and ordered a kit from Chad, the head behind Bullidriver Steel Works. He already sent the first pics, can't wait to assemble and mount it!

26 Jan 2014

Sven's T1

I just had a look at my buddy Sven's web page and rediscovered these cool shots from last summer! Can't wait for spring!

Grundmann Collection

A couple of great shots from one of the world's most fantastic VW collections available on bugland!

19 Jan 2014


Finding an suitable bracket for my foglight wasn't as easy as I thought!

10 Jan 2014

Drag Type 3

Saw this pic somewhere on FB and don't know anything about it! If you do, please leave a comment!

9 Jan 2014

The Rescue of the Shaggon Waggon

Another cool video showing the rescue of a split in the desert of Namibia. Sorry, in German only!

3 Jan 2014

Custom 21

Another well known car is up on the market, the Samba of Mark and Lucy Pinkstaf is for sale via oldbug com. In my eyes this is the ONLY split looking better on 17s than on 15s! Awesome tubbing , custom details and flip seat!

Race Taxi 4 sale!

The world famous race taxi is for sale! It's a same we can't follow the bid history...but I wouldn't be surprised if the reserve was too high to sell at all.

2 Jan 2014

Rikki James '54 BD 23w

Happy New Year everybody! Still recovering from NYE just found this 'old' video, that I haven't seen before! Great bus and guy!