29 Apr 2010

Saab Motorhome

Check these odd vehicles! A very special type of caraVAN. Seen on zecoch.blogspot.com.


Some SoCal news straight from France. Check the Vintage-Autohaus blog for more pics of Pips Ghia.

28 Apr 2010

25 Apr 2010

Not good!

On my way back from Wolfsburg the engine of the bug blew off under a terrible noise....Not sure how bad it is yet, but definitely too bad for my next week's Maikäfertreffen plans! DAMN!!

Open House - AutoMuseum Wolfsburg

I've been to the Auto Museum in Wolfsburg today. Met quite a few nice people around there and had a good day, apart from the end of it....

14 Apr 2010

My van

Guido just send some new pics of my van!

Heb #325

Had a meeting at the airport of Braunschweig today and saw this beauty on the airfield. It's the Heb from the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. You can book flights from Berlin to the airport of Braunschweig-Wolfsburg in an old Douglas C-47 "candy bomber". The Heb is just decoration for the arriving visitors to the Autostadt! Nice!


Yiiihaaa! Cheers all for visiting!

12 Apr 2010

Burning Man Bus

Have you already wondered what donor car those guys used for their burning man bus? Here's the story behind it.

10 Apr 2010

Private Collection Kolle

I visited the private collection of an enthusiast in my home town Braunschweig today. This place is 3 miles away from my parents house and I never knew it was there. Nice cars in a tight barn. Well, actually that barn isn't that tight, that guy has just too many cars...:)

8 Apr 2010

4-Door Beetle

I've seen Rometsch Taxis before, but this custom creation is different. Pics nicked from vochocinema.blogspot.com.

3 Apr 2010

9. Harzer Oldtimer Meeting

Took my bug for a local vintage show yesterday. Was the first trip after the winter break.