30 May 2011


Zinger models from the 70's are soooo cool! The 1:2 scale models matching to the smaller toys were built in '71 for car show promoter Bob Larivee Sr. You have to be very lucky to find a decent one today! Somebody was! Discovered the topic via Helge Ohmes FB page!

27 May 2011

Legoland Denmark

I received a mail from Denmark today, my mates wife took it in Legoland. Cheers Alex!

25 May 2011

Classic Parts Center

The Classic Parts Center Wolfsburg had some visitors from the UK and Belgium today including VolksWorlds Ivan and Kobus. Therefore they invited the local scene for free drinks and sausages, thank you Classic Parts Center!

24 May 2011

Icon Magazine

My American mate Paul from London sent me this pic of a customized late bay panel, selling the Icon Magazine in Clerkenwell! Cheers Paul! That's why marketing guys like old cars, use a vdub and get free online marketing by freaks like me:)!

20 May 2011


Boiii, adjusting these cupboard doors is killing me! You would believe how time consuming 3 doors can be...!

19 May 2011


A couple of random shots taken in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg today!

17 May 2011

Japanese 21w

Cool rideheight!

The ultimate Split Tent

I love it when a van comes together! THE ultimate tent for all split drivers! Available from August onwards in three different colours at Firebox.com for £299.99, found via Testspiel.de

Letter from Florida

Received a letter from Florida with a sticker today! Will sport it with pride! Cheers guys!! Check Ridinhood.com for shitloads of cool pics and stories!

16 May 2011

13 May 2011


Got my back seats back from the trimmer today. Great work, unfortunately not the way I wanted them to be. Style HAS to match the pattern of the front bench in my eyes. They will correct that when they install the headliner. I am still waiting for that, the doors of the cupboards are next!

Racing Dannenhauer + Stauss

Am I the only one getting very excited seeing these pictures...:). Check this!