30 Dec 2011

Split PC

Cool desktop tower, seen here.

Pimped Lego Split

I was waiting for this to happen for a while already! Pimped Lego split, seen on Volkswerks!

Car pelts

Art or waste? Definitely a cool idea. More from Dustin Shuler to find here.

25 Dec 2011

Ex KCW Sambarn

From this to this to this! Evolution or sacrilege? Follow the discussion here, check the KCW gallery or check low&slow Spain for more.

21 Dec 2011

52 24A - Sunroof Barndoor

For me, 11window Barndoors with sunroof are THE ultimate V-Dubs! Therefore I can't wait to see this one done. Another thread to follow!

14 Dec 2011

Walter - World's largest VW bus

I guess most of you guys know Walter already! Always good to check the website or the pics on Facebook during a cold winter night and look forward to the festival season...!

13 Dec 2011

12 Dec 2011

3 candles

Winter wonder Wolfsburg! The stacks are lit up again as every year! But...the pic was taken last year! This years winter is more October-ish...

Tree-Dub Fest

Got a tree already? More tree-dub pics here.

8 Dec 2011


Following to the guys of CSP this thing has been a Subaru 360 in its former life...