31 Mar 2012

52 24A - Sunroof Barndoor

It's painted! The "real" colour is still a secret until the Classic, but I HOPE it's palm green/sand green! I'm sure it'll look perfect in any combo!

Pedal Car Fest

If you are into pedal cars and have some time to waste, check this thread on Layitlow.com!

29 Mar 2012

Mmmh, Hurst!

Love that black/blue look! Different car, same set!

Jeans Bug

I somehow dig this shot of MarCo's Top 20 Jeans Bug. To be honest, I never thought a Jeans Bug could look cool at all! Taken from this set.

Grey/white splits rule!

Just one of many cool VoWo pics on the Panscrapers blog!

27 Mar 2012

26 Mar 2012

Single cab

A single cab called chainsaw massacre by the Rost AG Emsland! Nice one, very adequate working title!


...now I know! From the GFK thread: "Its based on a split bus chassis with a hand made aluminium body by a company called ' Keller Karosserie Lampertheim ' which was based in Austria. It was found in Germany and Ben brought it to the UK. This was October last year!" More on evilbens of course!

Sales flap

Another one! Seen on KnK's Facebook page.

25 Mar 2012

Low Highroof

From what I've seen so far I think this highroof is my favourite of this years' VoWo! Thanks to CSP for the live coverage, really appreciated that service!

23 Mar 2012

Evil Bens @ VoWo

I was wondering what type of car evil ben's latest creation might be. Couldn't guess from the sneak pics! Now! Now I still don't really know... Pic taken by CSP! Check evilbens.blogspot.de for the sneak pics. My app can't link properly neither can it resize images, sorry!

22 Mar 2012


Spring is here! Can't wait to get the cars out of the storages. Due to my seasonal plates I'll have to wait for another week! Pic nicked from dubsnaps.co.uk!

21 Mar 2012

VolksWorld Show 2012

Everybody starts to pack things for the upcoming VoWoShow this weekend! I wish I could join!! All these pics are from Facebook: BugBox, Prototype, Cool Flo. If you go, take many pics and let me know where you post them! Enjoy!

Woody vert

Just stumbled across this creation of Livio De Marchi from Venice! If you are into wood you HAVE to check his website!

Woody bug

Another cool creation of surmesure-vw.com!

20 Mar 2012

HO 2013

The 6th international vintage vw show 2013 (two thousand THIRTEEN) in Hessisch Oldendorf is open for registration! One of the must goes anyway, why not register today:)! Check my 2009 pics here: late splits; early splits; hebs; slammed hebs; coachbuilds; split bugs. And I bet this one will be there again as well, in a different condition though:).

19 Mar 2012

Polar Xpress

Olly and Anna from Heckkraft Custom are getting there! Very cool panel with hurst bumper and cyklope eye on final! The hurst bar is provided by boatyard buses from the UK. I helped out with organizing the delivery, cheers again Neil!

Pickup bug

Cool custom from France, seen on the CSP FB page! More info: that pickup is currently in the workshop of surmesure-vw.com! Cheers for the info Elpanel!

12 Mar 2012

Wide Oval

Can't beat the Ovals! Seen on the DFL FB page!

Freddy Files 2012

Received a link from Paul with hundreds of more cool shots from Ninove! Cheers Paul!! Additional ones from Raym00n! And from Matze! And the Aircult ones.

11 Mar 2012

Freddy Files 2012

Freddy Files took place this weekend! These shots are nicked from CSP, found some more on Flickr. I guess quite a few more will be online tomorrow. Can't wait to see the newest creations of the season!