29 Sept 2008

Don't have much time to blog these days as I don't have internet at home yet. Actually I don't even have a home yet... I spotted the single cab again, this time in the car park of my hotel! Melbourne is not as big as I thought...

20 Sept 2008

Australian VW Mag

Searching for the latest VolksWorld in the shops today I discovered this Australian VW mag I've never heard of before...Lots of information about the local VW scene in it!

15 Sept 2008

13 Sept 2008

This is the first bay I spotted in my new hometown: Melbourne. I moved yesterday from London and am going to stay here until next year.

7 Sept 2008

Nice Bay

I pass this (very) late bay on my way to work every morning.

1 Sept 2008

Spa 2008

2 more shots of that awesome 23 window, seen in Spa this year. Pictures nicked from goodies.skynetblogs.be