30 May 2012

Bank holidays

Spent some time in the woods last weekend, nothing but beer, buddies and bbq...good times!

24 May 2012


Mighty Olly from Heckkraft Customs helped me out fuchsing my bug today! Cheers Olly! Just need some spacers now to allow fitting the rear caps.

22 May 2012

A visit to Star bug

Am just back from a visit to Bitterfeld. Ringo, head of star bug and also member of the Luft Kühlers Anhalt LKA, helped me out with some technical upgrades to my van. Very sound service and also very nice crew and boss! Thanks a lot Ringo, I'll be back:)! And also thanks to Olly for introducing me to Ringo!

16 May 2012

Audi eBike

Ok, not a vdub, but somehow related! Ebike as presented at the Wörthersee by Audi this weekend! I like!

Targa Bay

Note the safari(s)! Lots of trick traps on this one, seen at VoWo.

14 May 2012

A box from the US

Received my new set of curtains from Kristine today! Awesome quality and contact, highly recommended! If you want a set of bespoke curtains contact Kristine Salazar on Facebook and say hello from me:)!

13 May 2012

A box from Bargteheide

Received a box full of goodies and a nice letter today: the guys from CSP send over the latest catalogue including my contribution to the CSP photo fever!
Very kind guys, I promise to order more parts again very soon:) Check the magazine part and page 2/453 to see my pic.

Pics from Kris

Received some more pics of my van taken at MKT 2012 from Kris! Check bug62 for more of his pics. Cheers Kris, very kind!

10 May 2012

Limo + Shorty

...Samba Limo and shorty. Lots of crazy creations on Yudi's page!


Yudi Yumos DC-bug is painted! Check his Facebook pics for some more crazy projects like.....

8 May 2012

MKT Top 15

CSP added the Maikäfertreffen Top 15 to their page. These two deluxes took home the 2 available "bus custom" awards, a pleasure to lose against quality competitors! Well deserved!

6 May 2012


Received some shots of my van from Johan of jbvwt2a.blogspot.de. Thank you very much Johan! Nice blog and pics!

5 May 2012

'52 24A is painted

The colour scheme is finally revealed, the original brown and beige it is! Beautiful bus! Check the build thread for more.

Russian Bay

Cool Highroof from Moscow!

4 May 2012

HKC in VW Speed

Olly and Anna from Heckkraft Custom will be in one of the upcoming issues of German VW Speed! They got asked at the Cruise Night and had the shooting the next day during the Maikäfertreffen! Here are two teaser shots. Olly built that panel within a few months in his own garage! Well deserved guys, congratulations!

2 May 2012

Not everybody...

...got home well! This split burned down on its way home from Maikäfertreffen! At least nobody got hurt, but still a nightmare! I really hope that split is insured well enough!
Here is a short article about it, and here a video. NEVER leave home without a fire extinguisher! Sincere condolences!

1 May 2012

MKT - Resume

Maikäfertreffen was a blast again once the sun came out properly. Shit loads of very cool cars around. I am really thankful for all the nice comments about my car, its interior and my blog. Great to chat to so many of you guys, hope you all made it home safely!! Keep on visiting!
Cheers, Jan aka slammed shady.