29 Nov 2011

KCW Binz sold

John Jones sold his Binz! One of only 27 left in the world, "surprisingly" it took a few hours only to find a new owner!

28 Nov 2011

17 Nov 2011

Ultra VW

Cool rides from the latest issue of Ultra Magazine! Check it out further down or via this link to read it online!

11 Nov 2011

Holy sh....


I wish I was there right now! Miami V-Dubs!

Linde is back

After a couple of years in the UK and in Spain the mother of all hoodrides is back in Germany at the BugBox! Congrats Walter, good decision!

10 Nov 2011

Big Wave World Record

A bit of topic, but worth mentioning! Found via Testspiel.de!

Red '54 356

Yes, I know, had this one a couple of times...but it's just so cool! More Jamboree pics at Manny's!

7 Nov 2011


Just checking my old sketchup sketches. Came along pretty much as I wanted it to!