16 Nov 2013

Crazy Japanese

Just a few pics from the Lowlife Meeting in Japan. Low is a lifestyle...! Great cars, chapeau my friends! Pics nicked! from here and here!

Lowlife 2013

Japan Folks!
lowlife vw meeting 2013 from sh1m0 on Vimeo.

14 Nov 2013

Beetle cake

Looking for a little DIY for rainy afternoons? How about this cake? Seen here!

7 Nov 2013

Nick's Burgers being closed

"There goes another piece of Orange County VW history!". Sad to read that on the DKP site.
EDIT: Right info, wrong pic. Thanks Kai!

Slammed DC

 Don't know anything about this one, apart from the origin of the pics: VW Gringa

6 Nov 2013

BBN 2013

Grab a seat and imagine you're sitting in your favourite camping chair.:)

4 Nov 2013


It's getting there! Looking good!! Check the blog for more.