26 Jun 2009

Hessisch Oldendorf 2009

I am back from Hessisch. Boiii, great cars all over the place, and it's just Friday! And the BBT convoy wasn't even there when I left! What a great show, I'd love to go again tomorrow, but I won't have time!

HO- Not one, two slammed Hebs!

I followed the build of Andy's Heb on his website and was really happy to finally see it. Heb #455. What a great car! Congratulations! And then suddenly a second slammed Heb showed up! Following TheSamba this must be Heb #458....

HO - Hebmüllers

HO - Other coach builds

Great to see those two Dannenhauer & Stauss together. The silver car is a creation hand made in Eastern Germany during the fifties I think.

HO - Barn doors

HO - Vans