30 Jul 2010

Double ingnition

When was the last time you saw that many cables on a distributor cap? One of Rainers special developments!


Brought my van to Rainer at ORRATECH on Thursday. He is a very nice and proficient guy! He checked the engine properly. The main reason for my engine trouble was a lack of fuel supply due to a rusty tank! The rust blocked the fuel pump-not good! Now I have a new one, the tank got flushed and modified. Carburetors got blown out. There are still a couple of other minor problems I will have to sort out soon. But for now I can ride the van! Yiiihaaa!

22 Jul 2010

Ultra VW cover star!

Chris Lambourne's awesome split is the new Ultra VW cover star! Just posted the story to that bus a few days ago. Congrats!

13 Jul 2010


I did a little pshop of this VW38 workshop pic. Original is nicked from TG's gallery.

10 Jul 2010


My van finally is fully TÜV approved! It has been an epic journey! Did the first test drive today and ended up with an empty fuel tank. Another split driver, funny enough one that I actually know, stopped and helped me out! Cheers Christoph!! The engine isn't running well yet, but in a few days it's gonna be ready for summer!

5 Jul 2010

Welcome back!

Just discovered @ beakers, taken at the T2D chilli nights! Chris Lambourne's bus is back on the road. He rolled it over on his way home from EBI 2! Fantastic bus, good to see he brought it back to life!