6 Sept 2023

Bulli Summer Festival 2023

I joined the Bulli Summer Festival in Wesel again. Unfortunately my split bus has a problem with the rear wheel bearing -again- just 400km after I got it back from a workshop. I brought it there in February for various reasons and got it back end of April. One of the tasks was to fix the wheel bearing and to find out, why it keeps loosening again so quickly. Obviously they didn’t find the problem.

Anyway, I couldn’t drive the 350km to Wesel and took my T5 instead. Had a fantastic long weekend with my crew and didn’t take many pictures (of cars).

The only downside of the weekend was one of my friends got sick and couldn’t drive his split home. But as he trailered it there I was able to tow his car home for him safely. His sister drove him to the hospital in his tow car Saturday night. So in the end we where kind of lucky I wasn’t there with my split. And the best: he will be good again soon, that's all that matters!

26 Jun 2023

75-Jahre VW Bus Festival Hannover

I joined the festival in Hanover as well. After a terribly wet start on Thursday and an even wetter Friday all got good on late Friday afternoon. And from there on we had a fantastic time! We had a lot of beer, listened to great bands and had hilarious fun on the camp ground and with "an der Bushaltestelle" and friends. Also got invited to a photo shooting for an upcoming book about the festival. Thank you to my favorite bunch of bus drivers who made this weekend one to remember!