24 Mar 2024

Vans Rug

There are things I somehow just have to buy, when I see them. This rug from therugkidd.com is one of them!

28 Feb 2024

Twin-Turbo Barndoor Deluxe and 11G!

It's pretty quite here currently, sorry to my regular visitors. I have a lot of professional, personal and family issues to solve and don't have time for a hobby like cars at the moment. 

Due to a surgery I have a few days off sick, which at least gives me some time to rest. As this was planed a while ago I ordered the latest HotVWs issue in the US to ease my pain. Shipping and taxed more than trippled the sales price, but well worth it! I just LOVE barn and split of  Jose Salazar, both featured in it (and also spread over the web in social media)! Check DBKs and other accounts. 

Note the Fuchs design, black lipped on both rides! I not saying I set that trend, but back in 2012 I couldn't find any pictures of that style! Slammedsixty, blacklipped since 2012, at least before it was famous :)!

10 Dec 2023

New items

I added some more gadgets to my garage. A very rare stainless steel 7up A1 cooler and and a folding bike. The bike is a present from my wife. Some friends own folding bikes and we used them during the recent bus festivals for cruising down the show grounds. I saw this a couple of months ago but wasn't willing to pay the asking price for it. Later I decided to pay, but is was sold already. I now found out my wife bought it! What a nice surprise!

5 Nov 2023

Stainless Dr. Pepper

I added two very rare coolers to my collection: a stainless Dr. Pepper cooler and a chromed Coke repro 6-Pack. Both are very hard to find! Very pleased these two found me :)!

2 Nov 2023

Last ride of the year

I have a seasonal licence plate ending end of October. Luckily Bjarne was able to sort out a couple of issues on my bus just in time, so I could drive the bus home last weekend, without trouble for the first time in two years, and without a trailer! Thx buddy!

3 Oct 2023

Bus @ Bjarne

My friend Bjarne offered me to have a look after my loose wheel bearing. He picked up the split on Monday afternoon and already presented the problem on Tuesday morning: the toothing of the rear wheel hub is just worn out. So the loose wheel bearing was just the indication and not the cause! The workshop before had the bus for 3 months without finding and/or solving this problem...

Bjarne drives a split bus as well and restored it all by himself. He works as an employed motor mechanic, but I'm sure he will have his own workshop one day! With 23 years he has enough time to evolve! I'm pretty impressed and will be one of his first customers for sure! Well, at least if he proves to be as good in assembling like he is in disassembling...:)

6 Sept 2023

Bulli Summer Festival 2023

I joined the Bulli Summer Festival in Wesel again. Unfortunately my split bus has a problem with the rear wheel bearing -again- just 400km after I got it back from a workshop. I brought it there in February for various reasons and got it back end of April. One of the tasks was to fix the wheel bearing and to find out, why it keeps loosening again so quickly. Obviously they didn’t find the problem.

Anyway, I couldn’t drive the 350km to Wesel and took my T5 instead. Had a fantastic long weekend with my crew and didn’t take many pictures (of cars).

The only downside of the weekend was one of my friends got sick and couldn’t drive his split home. But as he trailered it there I was able to tow his car home for him safely. His sister drove him to the hospital in his tow car Saturday night. So in the end we where kind of lucky I wasn’t there with my split. And the best: he will be good again soon, that's all that matters!