20 Feb 2021

Sun is out

On days like today I hate my "Saisonkennzeichen". After all the snow we had a perfect springy Saturday, but my licence plate is only allowing me to drive from April to October.


Ette's 56 Wolfsburg Deluxe

My buddy Ette is currently working on his Deluxe making it ready for the upcoming show season. He is also doing some research about the history of the bus and I try to help him wherever I can. He bought it in Spain, but it got restored in the UK by Mike and was known as the "WFIL Radio 560 News Cruiser" for a while. He sold it in 2014. It also got featured in Camper&Bus Magazine in 06/2014. Before its life in the UK it belonged to a very nice chap in Florida called Todd, aka Gatorwyatt. We found him via TheSamba and he told us many stories how he once discovered it in the woods of Florida, parked and forgotten by a Vietnam vet from Colorado named Jeff Cerwinski. Todd bought it from him in 1994 for $1.000. This research isn't over yet! If these buses could only talk!


13 Feb 2021

Volkswagen Clip Arts

Are you looking for some detailed cliparts of vintage Volkswagen? Great start for creating your own designs for logos or shirts! Many different Volkswagens available on hum2d.com. My favorites are Samba, Beetle and Notch!

28 Jan 2021

Beastie Boys - Citizen Brick

Not sure about you, but I find useless stuff I just have to buy way too often, the regular visitor might have noticed already....:)! These Lego guys are a perfect example. Famous from the BeastieBoys "sabotage" video. Ok, the background with the airplane of the 1986 "licence to ill" album isn't correct, but who cares that "sabotage" came out on "ill communication" in 1993. I just love these little guys and will find a good place somewhere! 

20 Jan 2021

Double Dot Retro Cooler

I do not collect 6-Pack coolers, but I still have a few. Recently discovered this retro cooler on craigslist and just had to have it. The 1940s double dot Pepsi logo makes it rare and worth finding some space on a shelf.

26 Dec 2020

Retro RV Campervans

Not sure about you, but I'm almost certain you miss travelling, shows and gatherings like I do. The idea of returning to Australia and renting a retro camper like this for another road trip really makes me smile! I used to live and work in Australia 2008/2009 and did quite a few trips during that time. Check RetroRV on Facebook for more of these Campers!

24 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas!

 My presents came early today, latest Playmobil vehicles! Merry Christmas everyone!

22 Dec 2020

Mooneyes & Vans

Vans and Mooneyes are two of my favourite brands. I just received my latest order from Japan!

7 Dec 2020

Bagged 911

If you're on Insta make sure to follow "pchoutlaw". Awesome ride!

5 Dec 2020

Mooneyes & Vans

I'm a big fan of VANS and MOONEYES. As many of you know they bring out some collaborative clothes for the "Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom Show" each year. This year the show is cancelled due to Covid. But they bring out the the clothes anyway, this time via their webshop! They started at 12.00h Noon Japanese time. And I got up to order (at 4am German time last night...). If you're quick there seem to be a few sizes and styles left!



28 Nov 2020

New Barndoor in Town

Visited my buddy Olly today. He also bought a "new" bus recently. Dumped and rediscovered in Sweden, rebuilt in the UK and now in Germany. The craftmanship that went into the underside of this bus is excellent. Olly is just about to update the front beam and paint the primered underside. Really nice barn!