24 Jul 2013

The W12 Fridolin

There is life in the old dog! Blogged about this insane project many years ago. Very happy to see it nearly completed! Can't wait for the first youtube footage of the driving car! Check volksforum.com for more.

22 Jul 2013


Went to the "Haubentauchen" on Sunday. Drove with open Safaris at 30+ degrees all day and had a lot of fun in the sun!

19 Jul 2013

Dub beds

Another link for the bed collection! Fun Furniture Collection offer a great range of cool beds! Righthanddrive and Stirling only...:).

13 Jul 2013

Purple Sky

Sankt Peter-Ording

Went to Sankt Peter for a few days with my family. It's one of the very few places in Germany where you're allowed to drive on the beach!