23 Nov 2010

Ozzy 65

I miss Oaszztrayleah, its current summer and my friends down under! Oi Oi Oi! Check Aussieveedubbers.com


Wolfsburg City today - my daily drive is the green pumper on the right....

21 Nov 2010

Scale Ferrari

OMG! "The car could run if we found someone small enough to drive it...!" Could one of you talented nutters out there please build a bug or bus like this...

11 Nov 2010

Slammed '37 - Original

Here's the original pic :)

Slammed '37

Found this pic of a 1937 replica in google and just could resist p-shoping it...Original picture taken by Michel Weber.

10 Nov 2010

Toy Boy

This little gentleman is a lucky boy, havin a dad building him the ultimate toy for Christmas!

8 Nov 2010

DBK vert 4 sale

This beautiful '56 DBK vert is soon going to be for sale at the vintage autohaus. Not to be mixed up with the '55 DBK UK vert, still in the Werks. Would love to see these two on the European roads together next season!

5 Nov 2010

deluxe hatch

Deluxe hatch on a '59 11w, you don't see that very often! Fair bit of trick traps on this one, well worth the visit in the SSVC forums.

Burn Bay-by burn!

Seen @ the Rost AG.