19 Feb 2016

Frankies BD 23W

I followed the build of this Deluxe for a couple of years now, first at KCW and now at Stratton Motorsports in Orlando (on TheSamba). It was already famous way before the current resto, belonging to the German Folks family. Never liked the old colour and the suicide doors, but they made it outstanding indeed. Nice to see this bus finally coming together again!

18 Feb 2016

DBK Split 4 sale

Dave "Pip" Pipoly's insane '51 crotch cooler is for sale! I wish I had the money!

6 Feb 2016

Heckkraft Custom - Oval Bug

Visited my friend Olly to check out his latest creation. He's building a new daily ride for scraping to work in style...

3 Feb 2016

Front ladder

Seen quite a few ladders, but never a front one allowing for still opening the safaris! Very unique solution! Seen on facebook.

Psychedelic Split

A friend of mine sent me these pics from Florida today, he discovered this bus in the Universal Orlando Resort!


Discovered some nice stamps in the post office!