24 Mar 2024

Vans Rug

There are things I somehow just have to buy, when I see them. This rug from therugkidd.com is one of them!

28 Feb 2024

Twin-Turbo Barndoor Deluxe and 11G!

It's pretty quite here currently, sorry to my regular visitors. I have a lot of professional, personal and family issues to solve and don't have time for a hobby like cars at the moment. 

Due to a surgery I have a few days off sick, which at least gives me some time to rest. As this was planed a while ago I ordered the latest HotVWs issue in the US to ease my pain. Shipping and taxed more than trippled the sales price, but well worth it! I just LOVE barn and split of  Jose Salazar, both featured in it (and also spread over the web in social media)! Check DBKs and other accounts. 

Note the Fuchs design, black lipped on both rides! I not saying I set that trend, but back in 2012 I couldn't find any pictures of that style! Slammedsixty, blacklipped since 2012, at least before it was famous :)!