12 May 2022

Mooneyes Shop Bangkok - Seller of the century

I have experienced a lot of crazy stories while hunting for coolers around the globe. But I never met a more honest seller than the Mooneyes Shop in Bangkok, Thailand! I did a stupid mistake during the MCM Cruise night in Hanover. In one hand a beer and while chating to friends I mixed up currencies while using the Paypal app and send over 13K in Euros instead of Thai Baht. But instead of even thinking about keeping the money, the seller worked unbelievably hard to make sure I get the money back! Sounds like a rather easy task to refund, but believe me, you don't want to experience what we have experienced during the last two weeks with Paypals "buyer protection"! @mooneyes_bkk is my seller of the century! Wherever in the world you are, this shop is the one! I lost the fees of 600€ to Paypal for this typo and still don’t have the cooler, but I won the priceless feeling there are good people out there!


© rallegolle said...


... ;-)

Das Käferhauptquartier said...

Super Typ ! Hab da auch schon (problemlos) eingekauft !

Beste Grüße Ben

slammed.shady said...

Blöd dass man Kommentare hier nicht liken kann :)