31 Jan 2017

VW Speed 02/17

My bus will be featured in the upcoming issue of VW Speed. Pics were taken last summer, looking forward to seeing the result!

25 Jan 2017

Bagged Double Cab Deluxe

Another crazy creation in the werks in Houston! Check Prestons PhotoBucket for more.

23 Jan 2017

The $300.000 Fake 21w

I guess most of you have heard about the latest Barrett-Jackson auction and the new bus price world record. Somebody paid over $300K for a 13 window deluxe with a slapped samba roof, plain insane! This custom bus was build by Dave Kindig, well known in the US via his 'bitchin rides' TV show. So obviously somebody REALLY wanted to own one of his creations. You can't deny the level of finish though! No Barndoor, no real deal, not even 23 windows, but a very nice bus! All pics from the Kindigit Facebook page. TheSamba.com thread here.

2 Jan 2017

Targa Bay

I think you all know this crazy custom bay, but have you also seen any build pics? I searched for more pics, when I first saw this bay a few years ago, but never found any. Check Jo's Fab Lab on Facebook for more!