31 Oct 2011

End of the season

Had to take bug and bus to their storage places for winter last weekend:(

25 Oct 2011

19 Oct 2011

Mini BD

I don't know why Sven is not updating the blog anymore, but at least there are some news pics of his awesome mini barndoor around! These ones are from the CSP Facebook page!

13 Oct 2011

10 Oct 2011

The first slammed van

With the help of TheSamba and some very kind members I found out, that this Barndoor got lowered with 356 parts in 1959 already! So this might be the first lowered van ever! Check the thread on TheSamba for the whole story or this link for more pictures.




Lovely razoredge from Yokohama. Check newimagevwsaloonz!

D+S Hardtop

If you have wondered where the über-rare D+S hardtop ended up, now you know! Sitting in SoCal in a very special workshop I guess we can all look forward to another jawdropping project!

9 Oct 2011


Some more pics from our trip to Hanover last week, taken by my buddy Ingo!

6 Oct 2011

CSP-Foto Fever

This pic of my van made it to the Top 15 in CSP's Photo Fever. This means you'll be able to see my van in the next CSP catalogue! Good stuff!

5 Oct 2011

Oil cooler

Crushed my oil cooler at the entrance to a car park today! VERY annoying!

Lego Split

Went to Hamburg yesterday and saw one of the new Lego splits in a shop window! Great stuff!