22 May 2009

Spare wheel

I received my spare repro Fuchs today. Looks really good, pretty close to the original. They are manufactured by SSP in the UK, I got mine from bugwelder.

19 May 2009

18 May 2009


Jap in the UK lost his van due to a fire. One of my worst nightmares. Luckily nobody got hurt. I really hope his insurance will pay for this. Stay positive Jap!

9 May 2009


I am currently fighting with Porsche. I bought polished caps for my earlies in the US (right) because you can't buy polished caps directly from Porsche. I thought I'm buying licensed caps: The crest is orginal, delivered by an American (licensed) 356 dealer, but they don't care. Porsche is now about to destroy them and to sue me for product piracy. They say the caps have no license, I have to buy original parts (left). Which ones would you prefer for your fresh earlies? Try to explain that to a lawyer...

3 May 2009

Bug Parade, Wolfsburg

The Käfer Club Wolfsburg organized a parade through Wolfsburg and through the Volkswagen Werk today. Was a great experience to cruise through the town and the factory where it all began. More info about the crewcab on BulliT1.de

2 May 2009

Welcome Home Weekend, Wolfsburg

Today I went to Wolfsburg for a swap meet. Wasn't very big, but a few classy cars have been around. Do you see the Schwimm sneaking off?

Oldtimer Meeting Braunschweig

After Hannover I went for a quick visit to a meeting in Braunschweig. But we came too late, most of the interesting cars were gone already. I really liked this Hanomag IN a T4 though.

1 May 2009

1st of May: Maikäfertreffen Hannover

I took my bug for a ride to Hanover again today. I thought we are late, but there was still a massive queue in front of the area at around 11am. Welcome packs including the sticker have been sold out at that point already. 1000s of vdubs made it to Hanover on a very sunny day. 1 of the 2 Schwimmwagen who made it to the site. Stunning van from Denmark. Safaris on bugs getting more popular. Thomas BBR's awesome split. Countrybug. Matzebus queuing for the show & shine. Wheelerdealer's 12s Barndoor.
I love the plate of the yellow superbug: Gelb Schwarzer Renner 1303H, which was the official VW name for this special edition. The slammed blue bug on BRMs is the current toy of the builder of "Aligator Push", a green bay which was pretty famous in the 90s. Kai's awesome Oval, still for sale. The black "Spenna" bug has an Audi V8 Biturbo engine