13 May 2021

Ette's Deluxe

 Finally visited my buddy Ette to see his 56 Wolfsburg 23W DLX. What a beauty! The Samba, not Ette :)


Bug is back alive

After nearly 4 years offline my bug is back on the street! This time including a historical licence plate!

4 May 2021

Junk Motor

I brought the bus to Oldtimerschiede-Hackethal because my motor didn't run well and oiled like hell. Both problems are not new. The engine was actually never running really well and a lot of people tried to stop the leaking problem during the last years. Now I know why! After quite a few checks Roberto opened the block and discovered, that the engine is completely fucked up. Some problems seem to be there since day one. The block had a hole due to too heavy grinding while making space for the camshaft, that hole was sealed with body compound (!) inside the block. After just 15.000km this engine is only just junk. The good part is, that I don't have to warn you from the engine shop that build this POS, it went bankrupt years ago already...