30 Apr 2009

May Cruise Madness, Hanover

Took my beetle for a pre-1st May meeting at Mel's Diner in Hanover today. Lots of well known cars around. Will go again tomorrow.

29 Apr 2009

German Customs

I am looking for good centre caps for my earlies for quite a while already. ISPWest in California has good repros for sale, that I couldn't find anywhere in Europe. I ordered them and just wanted to pick them up from customs. But now they told me the lawyers from Porsche formally prohibited the delivery. I might get charged for product piracy!! They will let me know in about 4 weeks if the caps have been destroyed or not!! I am back in Germany for a few days only and want to leave again already....

27 Apr 2009

Crazy Swedes

The crazy Swedes, you just have to love them. Another interesting project from the MeanBugs forums.

26 Apr 2009


There was a bike meeting in my home town today. My dad couldn't make it so I took his Harley for a ride. Around 4500 Bikes met 50km away from town and headed to the historical city centre of Braunschweig for a church service in remembrance of the killed bikers of the last season.

24 Apr 2009

My Van

I went for a little road trip today to Borken-Weseke to visit my van at Guido's workshop. Unfortunately it's still behind schedule, but at least the work so far is of very good quality.

23 Apr 2009


This 13 window RHD sliding door has been stolen in London, UK. Please contact the owner if you see it in the net or elsewhere!
I think you could call this BD low.
Some people have more interesting cars in their workshops than others....
I found another interesting website: Kai's Collection.com

22 Apr 2009

Local events

There are a couple of shows coming up in the area soon including Hessisch Oldendorf, Maikäfertreffen and the "Welcome home weekend" in Wolfsbug. I will be there with my bug, the van won't be done on time.

20 Apr 2009

Back in Germany

After living and working in London and Melbourne for the last 4 years I am now back in Germany. I had a fabulous time down under and spend some time in Sydney and Hong Kong before I came back last night.


This stock looking 11 window has 2,7l engine from a Porsche 911. Find some pics of the build here and here and a video of the first test run on youtube.

8 Apr 2009


Nice car, this is the owners blog: brezelmichi.blogspot.com/


I found some more Hot Wheels VDubs in the toy corner of the local K-Mart. At $1.80 each I just couldn't resist.

1 Apr 2009

The VWarbird

Bizarre project as seen in the MeanBugs forums


Nice shot nicked from relic.

VolksWorld 09

I missed the VoWo Show for the first time in years. It seems like there were quite a few special cars around this time. I love the T2D Brasilia! The Bus Barn's Tempo is very unique as well, and so is the ozzy countryman. The web is plastered with pics, these ones are stolen from Wheelerdealer.