30 Mar 2009

Found some more lost dubs in Mackay in Queensland. Saw quite a few Westies on the site, but most of them are over it already I'm afraid. If anybody from the area needs some spare parts, it's worth a visit I suggest!

27 Mar 2009

Old guys rule!

My new bottle cooler! And our van in the background. Unfortunately not old school at all, but very convenient if you live in it for several weeks..

Hervey Bay

The first oval I spotted so far. Neither pimped nor stock, but still nice.

25 Mar 2009

Surfers Paradise

I took these pictures on the Motorway heading from Surfers Paradise to Brisbane. I saw shit loads of stock bays on the Gold Coast.

I like the sticker

It's not easy being green

22 Mar 2009

Wedding Cars

Wedding cars ozzy style. Seen in Newcastle close to the beach. I like the haircut of the driver!

20 Mar 2009


I am currently travelling up the East coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns. Won't have much time for blogging. These are some dubs I spotted on my way so far. Okay, the last one isn't a vw, but pretty cool as well!

4 Mar 2009

Trolley Car

Pretty cool! Winner of the Red Bull Trolley Car Grand Prix 2005.

New Zealand

I am in New Zealand for holidays. Don't have much time for blogging. Not too many VWs around yet anyway. Apart from some in a museum...