21 Mar 2022

Coke Split

I found an old pic of my buddy Torstens Coke split together with my beer van and gave it the Obolon Ukrainian beer look!

15 Mar 2022


 This Peaceolin is also a member of the AUTOSTADT collection!

Lufthansa split

Well known Lufthansa splitbus, slightly updated. Original bus is part of the AUTOSTADT Collection, this pic was taken in the Automuseum Dieselstraße in Wolfsburg.


The original of this pic is a repost from I think 2010, taken at one of my favourite picture spots in Wolfsburg.


6 Mar 2022

Kohlruss at Hessisch

I took this pic in 2017 and updated it slightly. As mentioned before I have currently an inner conflict to blog and post just car pics while there are so serious things are going on. Hessisch is for me a good example of how the world should be. There are people from all over the world flying in for having a good time, nationalities are only interesting regarding travel distances as pins on a world map . The Russians are also part of this group, I'm sure most of them are feeling sorry for the situation, at least the ones that know what's going on. I think today it's very important to separate between the Russian state and the Russian people! Stop the hate where ever it appears!

4 Mar 2022

2 Coolers

I updated two of my favourite coolers. I can't really explain why, but somehow Photoshop is currently kind of a self therapy for me as a coping strategy to handle the own helplessness. And we thought the world was going to be better after two Covid years!

Barndoor 1950

I had a lot of response on Facebook and Insta about my version of the 1950 Sinalco Barndoor from the Autostadt. Found a few more pics of it, taken in 2011, and gave them the same look.

3 Mar 2022

Porsche Pre A

This 1950 Porsche Pre A is belonging into the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. I took the pic in 2018.

VW Prototyp 1937


Another beauty from the AutoStadt collection in Wolfsburg!

Porsche 911

I spotted this 911 in Las Vegas in 2010 as part of  TheAutoCollection within the Imperial Palace hotel and liked it a lot!