27 Jul 2009

Melbourne to Barcelona....

My Spanish friend Nana left Melbourne as well, she is heading back to Barcelona - on a MOPED! Crazy girl! Check her blog to follow her adventures...

23 Jul 2009


To the day 60 years ago, on the 23rd of July 1949, the Hebmüller factory in Wuppertal, Germany burned down. Only 696 have ever been built.


This 1966 SO44 ID 236121843 got stolen in Berlin last week! Please contact Rüdiger if you see the van anywhere...

21 Jul 2009

DBK vert for sale

DBK Henry is selling his '51 show winning vert. Rumours say he is investing in something even more special......

17 Jul 2009

Here we go!

A small step for mankind, but a huge step for me (and for Guido of course): My van is at the paint shop!!!

9 Jul 2009

Custom brackets

Guido Wensing built some custom brackets for my safaris. Sweet!

6 Jul 2009

Radical Bugz

Just saw these pics on Niels aka Neils Airmighty.com and on the panscrapers blog. A previously known and obviously already radical project of the radical bugz seems to be in the werks again to get barndoored....

3 Jul 2009

Heb #455

Andy is telling the story behind his Heb in English on TheSamba. More pictures and the full story in German on his website.

1 Jul 2009

4,5" x 15 Fuchs Wheels

I'm about to look for a bit more detailed info about my Fuchs wheels. I can't find any info on the wheels themselves apart from the numbers on the pic (25205.3 and 4,5J x 15). But these numbers seem to be 'ungooglable'and are not mentioned e.g. here. Do I miss additional numbers somewhere on the wheels? If you know more or better websites regarding this please leave a comment. Cheers!