29 Mar 2008

Creative set up

I spoke to Mandy from Creative and she promised me that my beam and the steering set up is on its way already. That made my day as I tried to contact them for 2 weeks already and got no response. So my van is still on schedule (kind of...)

Ben's old Van?

I think this is Ben's old van. Looks completely different now. I prefered it the way it was before, at least exteriorwise. I was very close to buying it 2 years ago, but I decided to by my one in France because it was cheaper. It's not anymore I can tell you...Check Ben's blog for a video of the van and lots of other cool pictures. http://vwkernzentrale.blogspot.com/

VolksWorld Show 2008

I am back from the VoWo Show. I am slightly disappointed, no trailblazing new cars from my point of view. Lots of good ones though...

22 Mar 2008

Rhino sent me some pictures of the engine today. Can't wait to see and drive the finished machine...