31 Dec 2013

Xmas presents

My Christmas presents arrived today! Can't tell you for how long I searched for a (reasonably priced) fog light like this! The cooler is the exact replica of a 1940's through 1950's all steel "six pack" Temprite and Action picnic cooler. This is the limited edition "Junior" model.

23 Dec 2013

Merry Xmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you guys will have a fantastic time with family and friends! Haven't had a chance to take a factory pic by myself this year so I nicked this one from vwhome!

16 Nov 2013

Crazy Japanese

Just a few pics from the Lowlife Meeting in Japan. Low is a lifestyle...! Great cars, chapeau my friends! Pics nicked! from here and here!

Lowlife 2013

Japan Folks!
lowlife vw meeting 2013 from sh1m0 on Vimeo.

14 Nov 2013

Beetle cake

Looking for a little DIY for rainy afternoons? How about this cake? Seen here!

7 Nov 2013

Nick's Burgers being closed

"There goes another piece of Orange County VW history!". Sad to read that on the DKP site.
EDIT: Right info, wrong pic. Thanks Kai!

Slammed DC

 Don't know anything about this one, apart from the origin of the pics: VW Gringa

6 Nov 2013

BBN 2013

Grab a seat and imagine you're sitting in your favourite camping chair.:)

4 Nov 2013


It's getting there! Looking good!! Check the blog for more.

30 Oct 2013

Medalled factory

Due to the win of the world rallye championships the factory in wolfsburg is currently medalled. Great marketing idea!

28 Oct 2013

SCC 2013

Nice clip about this years Scandinavian Cal Look Classic!

radical radial

I have no idea where this pic is taken or what car this engine is in, but I do like it for sure! Seen on Facebook.

26 Oct 2013

Skinny camper

This one is definitely unique! But apart from that..."Not sure" if someone is willing to pay 35.000 GBP for it.... Follow the auction if you want to know!

19 Oct 2013

Heckkraft Custom

Went to visit Olly and his latest project today. He is about to build a lightweight race-bug for the quarter mile. As usual he is very fast and very creative...can't wait to see this thing burning rubber!