16 Jul 2022

Bulli meeting Immensen

I joined a little bus meeting close to Hanover last Saturday. "Nutzfahrzeuge Festival" was scheduled for this weekend but got postponed to next year, so a few guys decided to arrange a private little get together instead.

3 Jul 2022

Black lipped Harley

I'm driving my Dad's bike from time to time. He is too old to use it and is happy when I move it. I recently had to renew the TÜV/MOT and had to promise to buy new tires soon. I kind of liked that idea, because I was never a big fan of the whitewall tires my Dad used to drive anyway. So I took the chance and asked the local dealer to swap the rims as well. It now has black lipped ones kinda similar to the Fuchs on my bus. I really like it!