30 Jun 2008

Some more sweet pics from the Aircult galeries.
I finished the roof rack today. Freshly powdercoated and painted it looks much better than before...

26 Jun 2008

More Octo 08 pics

Kai/GAC took some nice pictures at the Octo show as well. Go to the German Aircult Galeries for lots of cool pictures of various shows..

24 Jun 2008

I just found a couple of old pics that my mom took more than 2 years ago. It was a cold day that day when the van arrived from France..

9 Jun 2008

4 Jun 2008

Bye bye UK

After 3 1/2 years in London I moved back to Germany taking unpaid leave. My parents picked me up after spending their holidays in Cornwall. I will only stay in Germany for the summer, will go to Australia for my company in late August... Unfortunately I don't have regular internet access anymore now, but I will have some time for working on real cars. So watch this space...