29 Apr 2008

This Samba was stolen in Islington, London not far away from where I live. This is my personal nightmare, I didn't know what I would do if this would happen to me! I saw this van a couple of times on my way home from the pub. It still hasn't been found. So if you planning to buy a Samba please read the ad of this chap on TheSamba.com and check if the one you are looking at is his van.

27 Apr 2008

23 Apr 2008

Nice black roof rack as seen on the panscraper blog

Rare Bus for sale

If I had the money and no bus yet this would be THE one to buy! A ragtop combi with flip seat and small back window. Haven't seen one like this for sale in the last 10 years... 235 on TheSamba.com

22 Apr 2008

Nice Ad

Very nice ad as seen in the current 'Oldtimer-Markt' magazin. Making fun of a 'Smart' TV add Well countered guys!

18 Apr 2008

Another picture from the KCW gallery. It’s just amazing to see how quick these guys built the most amazing cars... Go to KCW to see more..

4 Apr 2008

KCW Barndoor

The KCW single cab is taking shape. Go to the KCW Gallery to see John Jones latest ride.

1 Apr 2008


The hinges for the Rock'n'Roll bed arrived a couple of days ago. I know, it's a bit early for getting too exited about the interior...But now I can plan it in more detail.

My other car...

...is a bus as well.

Old Days

This picture was taken before I knew about all the problems hidden within this project...

New Season begins...

It's the first of April! I am allowed to drive my beetle again. Unfortunately we are not in the same country right now, so I will have to wait a couple of days...