29 Jun 2011

25 Jun 2011

Key West

Still no dubs around, therefore just spotted the first image gallery from Bad Camberg!

23 Jun 2011

Miami Beach

Still in Miami Beach, haven't seen ANY aircooled dubs yet! One 356, I have pics on my camera, not on the mobile. Unfortunately I can only blog from my IPhone which doesn't make things easier...Going down to the Keys today, will keep my eyes open.

18 Jun 2011

I'm off

I'm off for while, flying out to Florida for holidays tonight. Will try to blog as often as I can!

The Midget Bus

My contribution to TheSamba's Photoshop Thread.

14 Jun 2011

Classic 2011

Some more pics from the Classic to find here.

Flying Brezel??

Damn, I missed a great moment in the office! A special delivery: a '49 Brezel got craned into our office complex. It will be presented for the neighbouring company's anniversary in a couple of days. A good colleague took pictures with his mobile for me, cheers Kay!


Best of show at the Classic! nice one! More pics from the Classic to find here.

8 Jun 2011


Fairly old pic, rediscovered by a friend of mine and sent to me today! Cheers Dominik!

Slammed Buggy

Crazy dune buggy in the werks at JerFab.

7 Jun 2011

D&S Hardtop

Damn, I keep looking into the wrong barns.....what a find! Check the story here.

5 Jun 2011

Interior works

Spent another weekend with my interior. Next stop: Trim shop! Headliner will go in, back seats will get a makeover with the correct pattern and front carpets will be added. Can't wait!!

3 Jun 2011

R.I.P. - Patina deluxe:(

OMG...! The KCW Barndoor, one of the most iconic patina buses of the world is getting a full resto! Edit: obviously he's doing it for a reason: check Jandro's explanation here.

2 Jun 2011

Interior works

Back to work: have to cover the complete interior with a protective finish and finalize the wood work in some areas. Thank god there's a bank holiday weekend ahead ...

Oldtimertreffen Müden

I met up with some friends today half way to Müden. My mate said "some" other guys will also come to the meeting point. In the end we were about 30 (mainly muscle) cars cruising down to Müden! Great fun, better than the meeting itself!