29 Jan 2012

D+S built by a student....

Self made replica, built by a student 30 years ago...the soft top used to be an awning...! Odd, interesting and cheap: check the add here.


Got some new backlights for my daily T5!

18 Jan 2012


Something interesting for the Germans only. There is an article on Spiegel online regarding the "great" Wechselkennzeichen, which sums up the hole dilemma. The good idea of our Austrian and Swiss neighbours got totally messed up. The idea: driving two cars with one licence plate, paying tax and insurance only for the more expensive car. Our Minister Germanized that idea: paying tax and insurance for TWO cars, but only being allowed to drive ONE! What a big bullshit! You are not even allowed to park the second car on the street with no plate and need an additional private parking lot. Only in Germany....

'52 24A build thread

The beauty is heading to the paint shop! Can't wait to see this adorable bus in colour!

16 Jan 2012

Neumann VW

Couldn't resit...:)

Neumann VW

Just stumbled over this odd car. Apparently it's a self made coachbuilt, based a '43 Kübelwagen and built in the former GDR in the 50s by talented Mr. Neumann! Talking about rare cars, this is the only existing Neumann VW! Check the hole story on AutoBild Klassik, unfortunately in German only!

15 Jan 2012

Black '55

Just (re)discovered some more pics of that Dutch oval I took in Hanover 2010/2011! Stunning car! Fahrvergnugen.nl!


...took place without me this year! Spent the time with my baby daughter instead! Check out pics of this first Treffen of the season on Heckkraft Custom!


Seen on NightImport.