31 Aug 2010


Just found one of my old sketchup images and modified it slightly.

Mr. Tea

Check www.lunartik.com for more artwork by UK artist Matt Jones!

19 Aug 2010

the vision & the van

I built that sketchup model ages ago. The van looks pretty much as I wanted it to! Will play around properly with that model when the interior is done...watch this space!

18 Aug 2010

Heckkraft Custom

Visited Olly and Anna and had a look at the freshly rebuild engine of Olly's Type 3! Nice one! VERY jealous about the workshop and the cars! Can't wait to see what they will do to Olly's new toy, a '50 Brezel!


I had to do business in the Volkswagen Konzern Forum Berlin today. Unfortunately I haven't had enough time to have a proper look around...

6 Aug 2010

Mr. Spoons

Mr Spoons was my farewell present of my colleagues in London when I left my first job in the UK. Usually people got books when they left....

new spare

Bought a tire for the spare rim yesterday!

5 Aug 2010


This 62' Panel got stolen in Weilerswist (not too far from Cologne and Bonn) close to the A61 in Germany last night! More info @ Steinis. Please spread the word and contact t1bus@arcor.de if you hear or see anything!

3 Aug 2010


Just discovered a nice website about design gadgets and other stuff: Blogbuzzter. Unfortunately only in German!

1 Aug 2010

Coolest shirt on earth

This shirt was my farewell present of my ozzy mates, when I left down under! I just love it because it's loaded with memories! Autobarn is an Australian car supply company with a great add campaign, for those who didn't know. You can't buy those shirts, it's a one-off, they just printed for me!


My GF bought new glasses, colour-coded to match the van! She is not so keen on getting captured on cameras though...

Bird cage

I took the bird cage to hundreds of meetings with my bug already, suites the van as well!

Käfertreffen Celle

Took my GF out for a ride today and went to Celle! It's a rather small meeting, but always nice.