30 Sept 2012

GAC / BBN End of Season Party

German Aircult and the Bus Brigade Nord had their end of season party last weekend. Apparently they had a lot of fun! Pics stolen from Arne Steffen!

26 Sept 2012

VW 38 at Grossglockner

VW 38 joined the historic hill climb race on the Grossglockner Mountain in the Alps. The race is a memorial to the original race called "Grand hillclimb Grandprix". In 1938, Ferdinand Porsche himself opened the race in a VW38. Just stunning! Found via TheSamba.

Abortion of the day

A LOT of effort...

25 Sept 2012

23 Sept 2012


Just blogged about this Ghia a few days ago, now featured in VoWo!

Sand Thing

If I owned a thing it had to look like this! Seen on Extreme 4x4.

Fast looking bug

Don't know anything about this one, but it looks really fast! Seen on Volksforum.

20 Sept 2012

New GoPro

My FIRST YouTube video is online! Finally managed to sample the GoPro clips I collected last week....Cheers Ingo for chasing....!

16 Sept 2012


Went to Gifhorn today and joined the "Haubentaucher". Some crazy locals meet up there once a month to talk petrol.

13 Sept 2012