24 Jul 2011


Don't like 17s, but this project has the potential to change my opinion! Stick to the repop Fuchs guys!


Spent some more time assembling the interior. Cables are all in place, wiring the hidden sound system is next...

20 Jul 2011

Back from the Trimshop

Got my van back from the trimshop today! Headliner is in and all seats are there, just have to put everything together now...! Can't wait for the weeeeekend!

18 Jul 2011

The Anti-Hippy Bus

Well....a lot of effort for something...different...! Check it out here. Found via rideheight.

14 Jul 2011

slammed '59 for sale

This übercool bug of my buddy Nils is for sale on ebay. He is sad to see it go, but needs the money for another project...! No reserve!


If the web wasn't plastered with pics of this ultra-slammed ghia I'd say somebody did a lousy Photoshop-job and got the back wheels completely wrong...Pic stolen from the oldvwcrew.

12 Jul 2011

Concrete Van

Built by architectural students for a competition, completely out of concrete! More about it here (sorry, in German only)!

Camper & Bus Wallpapers

August Wallpapers ready for download, including really cheesy ones of Walter Jelinek and his Auwärter...

Jay Leno in VW38

More clips on Jay's website. Found via bugnet.de

10 Jul 2011

Drilling Madness

My van is still at the trim-shop. Started with the preparations for the sound installation. Trying to hide it as good as I can...

Scale Oval

Nice one! Seen at the Pfeifenkaspers.


Saw this in a Mall in Miami. Don't worry, pure plastic! No Bay had to die for it.

Back in Germany

I am back in Germany and slightly jet-legged. Saw this 356 in Miami Beach the other day.

5 Jul 2011

4 Jul 2011

4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends! Saw this bay in the parade in Anna Maria Island today!

1 Jul 2011

Muscle Car City

Visited Muscle Car City today. With over 200 muscle cars on display this is a great place for a stopover!