15 Jan 2010

Beetle for 700.000€ ?

Check this ad! Neither pretty nor cheap, but definitely unique...

13 Jan 2010

1925 Bugatti

Are you looking for a resto challenge? Check this auction and the video of its salvage.

8 Jan 2010


Check Fuchsmania for lots of cool pics!


If I had a Samba/Deluxe, this would be my trailer!

The UK

I used to live in London for some years, the tube (yes, the underground one) broke down a couple of times after the lightest snowfall. I can only imagine what's going on now...

54' 25A

This is my most favourite type 2 model of all times, 11window original sunroof Barndoor! Follow the build thread on TheSamba!

7 Jan 2010

Split Porn

No, this is not taken from a VW porn magazine, it's just the storage space of one not so average Californian VW enthusiast, six splits and one barndoor on 10m².

5 Jan 2010

Ro 80 Avant

Not sure if there is something like a "next-T2D-custom-wish-list"? This NSU Ro 80 Avant would be my choice!

4 Jan 2010

Burning Man Festival

A good friend of mine saw this monster at the Burning Man Festival 2009 in the US of A. Cheers for the pics Grantz Maschiene :)

3 Jan 2010


This is how my girlfriend's car looked like this morning