30 Jun 2010

Bus Stop

Great shot, slightly modified. Taken by Niels Airmighty and presented on the PRNDR-homebase GRK!

29 Jun 2010

Fast Barn

Nice one, in desperate need of the "real deal" though! More pics here and hereand here!

20 Jun 2010

19 Jun 2010


As seen at the VoWo-Show. They build them to your specs including colour, ride height and interior. Only thing I don't like is the front, it doesn't match the pre '63 rear hatch. The box is build from a fibreglass mould, so no mods to the hatches. Anyway, if I had the money and the storage space I'd consider buying one. Check Dub-Box.com and this little video for more.

18 Jun 2010

25A on tour

I just love this bus!

Underwater Schwimm

Just read about this story on bugnet.de. Apparently the Schwimm had trouble with its propeller and was therefore meant to get towed out of the river by a(n over)power(ed) boat.... Driver and Schwimm are more or less allright. Schwimms are obviously not designed to get used like wakeboards:)! Check the footage on youtube...

13 Jun 2010

Fuchsed Audi


Have been to Wolfsburg on Saturday. The Meeting wasn't as crowded as the years before due to the rather bad weather.

10 Jun 2010

L 469 anthracite

Just saw this repost of that anthracite grey bug on the GFK thread on TheSamba again. This car is the reason for the colour&wheel combo choice for my van! Colours look slightly different due to different cameras, both are anthracite though!

9 Jun 2010


Slammed Commers will become the new early Bays if you ask me!

Gadgeto Goof

I don't really like shorties and I don't like Golfs, the combination is kinda cool though!

8 Jun 2010

Europe is abandoned

Same story with the Panscrapers, Niels Airmighty and Oval56. Half Europe seems to be off to the Classic! EnvyEnvy!!

Pomona Swap Meet

German Aircult's Typ3Kai is currently in the US and broadcasting about the well known shows. Check his Pomona pics here. Envy!