30 Jan 2022


 I still love Mooneyes and recently added a few toy models to my collection!

28 Jan 2022


As Facebook and Insta killed so many blogs I tried to avoid joining it for many years, but yesterday I decided to open an Instagram account as well. Get in touch if you are there as well!

27 Jan 2022

Never Forget

On 27th of January 1945 Auschwitz has been liberated. In these days of growing nationalism all around the world it's more important than ever to not forget what can happen, when fascist tendencies in your country are left unattended!  
#LichtZeigen #WeRemember #27Januar #NeverForget #FreundeskreisYadVashem #vwportal #360Grad  

24 Jan 2022


I had a very nice conversation with a colleague today and have been asked about my car wise wish list. Here are a few examples of cars I've been talking about, Dirk! And a few more... I doubt I will ever be able to afford any of them, but never stop dreaming! 

Splitbug with factory ragtop

Barndoor deluxe

Barndoor combi with factory ragtop

Porsche 356 Pre A (Bent window)

Early Porsche 911

Hebmüller Coupe

Early double cab

Early single cab

T2a Westfalia

5 Jan 2022

6-Pack cooler

I thought my cooler shelf is full already, but somehow I found away to ad a few of my 6-pack coolers to the display!