31 May 2014

VW Treffen Döbeln

Went to a wedding in Döbeln this Friday. It's pretty far away and I've never been there before. Had no idea the annual VDub meeting was held this weekend and was very happy and surprised to meet some friends, even though I could only stay for half an hour.

21 May 2014

17 Kosmiks

Awesome Ghia with 17inch Kosmiks, spotted by a buddy at the Wörthersee!

18 May 2014

Schätzchentreffen Helmstedt

Went to Helmstedt with some bus friends today. Due to a really bad weather forecast it wasn't very crowded. We got really wet on our way home...

9 May 2014


This Ex-Johnny Danger Square now lives in Thüringen and is looking better then ever!

2 May 2014

Heckkraft Hatchback

Visited my buddy Olly today, he bought a Cali squareback at the Maikäfertreffen...! Very dry car with great patina, nice addition to his collection! Congratulations! EDIT: not as dry as he thought...still a good car!

1 May 2014

missed the MKT

For the first time since 1994 I missed the Maikäfertreffen. Went to a wedding in Hamburg, slept in the T5 for 2 hours and came back early in the morning in some heavy rain. Felt too tired and hangover for Hanover, decided to go to a local car show with my daughter instead.