29 Oct 2008

Sweet early vert of Der Blitzkrieg Kaefers VW club. Pictures nicked from TheSamba Forums.
The Linde is finally ready to rock Spanish roads. Check the the Panscrapers blog for more pics.

17 Oct 2008


Presumably we are going to read more about this sporty single cab in one of our favourite magazines soon. Pictures are taken at vanfest 2008 and nicked from Kobus, maxxd and the T4ForumUk
Another nice ride from Japan

14 Oct 2008

Binz for sale

It's not a bargain, but hey, how often do you see one in the classifieds?


The Walzwerk T2a is already for sale again! Go to bugnet.de or TheSamba.com for details. If it was mine I would have enjoyed it for more than a couple of weeks...