29 Aug 2014

Worst nightmare

Every enthusiasts nightmare stroke Andreas Lerch in Traundorf, Austria. He lost his workshop and several cars including some friends ones. An 11 year old boy played with fire, the boy and his family have no insurance. Read more about it (in German) here .

Some of his friends from the aircooled community opened an account for donations. Everyone who can afford it should help!

Name: Käferverlosung
Intended purpose: Spende Brandopfer Lerch
IBAN: AT72 3828 5477 0010 3713
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Pischelsdorf-Stubenberg 

10 Aug 2014

Kite World-Cup

I spent the last week in Sankt Peter-Ording in northern Germany. Due to the Kite World-Cup there is quite a lot going on these days. Also spotted some vans..