28 Dec 2009

V10 Ghia

Odd, but still can't wait to see this once it's finished. Follow the progress on Deanz Rodz & Racecarz or on TheSamba.

18 Dec 2009

Type Porsche

How cool is that bastard? Notch 911 from Japan as seen on the KnK blog.

15 Dec 2009

Ferry Porsches Collection

Check this site to see a couple of rare cars of Ferry Porsche's private collection on display in the Porsche Museum. How cool is that tire pattern?

13 Dec 2009

Hot SL

This hot SL was on display at the Motor Show in Essen this year. Picture stolen from Groundspeed.

7 Dec 2009

Sleeper in VW Speed

Check the current issue of the German VW Speed for more about this awesome sleeper. Or check the owner's club site.