23 Jun 2012

Sunroof Barndoors

Just plain beautiful! Non deluxe sunroof barndoors are my absolute favourite vdubs! Pics taken on a road trip between California and Canada(!)


Went for a cruise with my girls today! Fortunately I have belts in the bug, I don't have in the van!

Late Ghia

Seen on Facebook!

21 Jun 2012

Split on 17s

Don't like 17s....wait, I begin to like them somehow...seen at the pansrapers!

19 Jun 2012

Ben Pon

Very cool shot from down under! I once saw that van in Melbourne a couple of years ago. Best plate ever!

18 Jun 2012

Wooden Wedge

Handmade T3 aka T25 from Sumatra! The carver apparently never saw a real van in his life and built this only from pics! Amazing craftsmanship! Found on vw-bulli.de!

15 Jun 2012

Königswellen Split

Mmmmh, Königswellen engine, one of if not THE rarest engine you can have in your split! Check the feature in the latest VolksWorld!

Ultra rat

Nice shot!

10 Jun 2012

58 Barndoors

So the amount of 58 Barndoors at the OCTO gathering seems to be confirmed. Can't wait to see Niels Airmighty's shots, promised to get uploaded after his return to Europe.

Aircult @ DKP cruise night

The Airculties are in the US again. And as usual they take a lot of pics to our pleasure! Check their blog for gallery updates if you want to see more!


Another one for the Radioflyer collection...spotted by BBT.

9 Jun 2012


Just check TheSamba's gallery for more shots from the OCTO meeting!

Barndoor BBQ

Apparently 58 barndoors made it to the OCTO show, together with 350 other splits! I wish I was there! Check this Samba thread for more.

Flip seat

Interpretation of the classical flip seat, seen in CSP's OCTO album!