30 Jul 2012

The lowering stick

My front end height is defined by my driveway. HKC Olly helped me out today getting another spline closer to ground...still space left for improvement....:)

Bike rack

Bought a new bike rack for my daily T5. Can you believe there are no black ones available? No Idea why VW doesn't offer them....I bought a scratched one and painted it black...

28 Jul 2012

Krautsand / Küstendrive 2012

Back from Krautsand/Küstendrive 2012 with old and new friends. Had a great Friday and a very wet Saturday. Had to leave on Saturday anyway, decided to leave early due to the rain and floated home...Cheers Küstendriver for the great organisation! I'll be back!

23 Jul 2012

Fog light

I was finally brave enough to drill an extra hole into my front bumper to install my fog light.

21 Jul 2012

Bat Bus

Very creative photofake as seen on several facebook pages during the last days!

17 Jul 2012

16 Jul 2012

13 Jul 2012

IFA ff9

Roll cage is fitted. I just love that project! Go Stephan, go!

VW Speed

Heckkraft Olly's
Panel is featured in the latest issue of German VW Speed. Congrats Olly, well deserved!

4 Jul 2012

57+1 Barndoors

...assembled by CSP. Only 57, a '54 GFK single cab is missing!

1 Jul 2012


Discovered a nice little restaurant on Saturday..:)