22 May 2013

When the hurst bumper....

... isn't looking tough enough! Seen on FB.

getting bourgeois

As I mentioned before I am currently refurbishing my 'new' home, finally getting petty:)! Just saw this on Facebook, anybody an Idea where I can get one?

21 May 2013

In the middle of nowhere

Spent the German bank holiday weekend boozing, BBQ-ing and camping in the woods with some very good mates! Good times, even though I took the T5...

3 May 2013

MCM / MKT Clip

Nice video from MCM and MKT, a bit wedgy, but hey...it's representing the T3-society....:) Especially note the übercool split leaving at 0:43....:)


Some more pics of Restokurty's new ride, taken at the DFL cruise night. The stance of that bug is just stunning, unfortunately I haven't taken any interior shots, that is very cool too! Check his blog for more.

1 May 2013

Maikäfertreffen 2013

Went to Hanover today again. I started at 5:30am and arrived early enough for one of the good spots with my mates Anna and Olly. MKT was massive as usual, but somehow I felt a lack of jawdroppers this year. Huge turnout of quality cars anyway, but nothing you haven't seen before. Even the aircooled Porsche 924 reminded me of Matt Balls Golf in colour and style. Disregarding this it was a great day!

DFL May Cruise Madness 2013

Went to Hanover yesterday for the annual pre-meeting of the Maikäfertreffen, the May Cruise Madness, organized by "Der Fieser Luftkühlers".