11 Feb 2009


I threw my Sketchup van into the Maxwell renderer at work. Pretty good results for not a lot of work.

Dannenhauer & Stauss

This would be my ultimate VW! Could somebody please build it? I can’t afford it.

10 Feb 2009


Very cool project in da Werks at the Oldstyler garage. It's an IFA, the copied version of a DKW made in the former GDR (East Germany). Can't wait to see this one finished.

8 Feb 2009

2 Feb 2009

Interested in classic hot rod pics? Go to Spiegel.de, unfortunately all in German.

1 Feb 2009

Nice combination
Early palm green van from Japan. Picture nicked from 53standard

My van

Guido sent over some new pics showing the progress on my van. The main work on the body is finished. He also built a custom bracket for the Porsche 944 master brake cylinder. Nice craftsmanship!